About GBC Library
The GBC Library was established since the inception of the institution in the year 1981. As time passes by the library began to grow each and every year dynamically by the grace of God.  At present the library has Compaq and sufficient shelving section, reading hall separated for both boys and girls; computer section for preparing assignment and it is located in the first floor left corner of the main building. Currently, it has a collection of 12,445 Volumes and 10,300 Titles of books which are Mainly of Theological and some are of Secular related. Besides, the library has references sources such as Commentary, Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Encyclopedia; and periodicals like Magazines, Journals and Newspaper for updating current information about the world for both Theology and Secular purposes. The library does also have an archival collection of rare documents such as gazetteers of Manipur and so on. The library collections are recorded and maintained by using library administration and management Software chazlib, this maintain the accession record and bibliographical details of books which are available in the library.

Organization of books in the library
Generally the Library organized books or documents in four broad Sections in shelves such as New arrival Section, Reference Section, Concordance Section, Archival Section and General Section for Lending. In regards to classification of books the library follow DDC 19th Edition classification System and with regards to accessing of books in the Library, it maintain the feasible accessibility key system following Colon Classification Cataloguing (CCC) System, in which catalogue entry has been made under Author and Title Index entry.

Kinds of Books available in the Library
The library has variety of books collections which are mainly beneficial for the users in their academic perspective. The kinds of books available in the library are: Encyclopedia (theology and general), Thesaurus, and Dictionary, Periodicals (Secular and Theology), Biography collection of great persons, Daily news paper both local and National; and Theological Books which are of subjective based on Syllabus of the Institution. Apart from that some general collection of books are available too such as General Knowledge, Psychology, Research Methodology, and General disciplinary subject on Science, Social science and Humanities.

Number of Staff available in the library
The Library has been undertaken by two staff member of whom they are designated as Librarian and Library Assistant. In pertaining to that Library matters the institute do have a Library committee under the chairmanship of Librarian.

Thus, the main motive of the library is to maintain an amicable God words learning environment and to provide right books or right information to the right users at the right time.  The Library staff are always warmly open to help and attend any queries/problems regarding accessing of library.

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